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Your donations make it possible for us to provide our services to those with the greatest need and the least resources.  Thanks to you, we are able to reach the low-income, uninsured or underinsured population to help eliminate disparities.  Understand that if we don’t eliminate disparities then even those with insurance will not receive the care they could.  For example, you arrive at the hospital with your sick child who is insured but the hospital is too busy providing care for people who didn’t receive primary care and now their disease has progressed and are in need of critical care, which is also more costly that your child doesn’t get needed care and dies.  Ending health disparities helps everyone.
The Health Institute for Preventive Care, Access, Research and Education with your help is able to provide FREE services to the community including:

  • Lifestyle Intervention programs to Prevent and Reverse Obesity and Diabetes.
  • Policy interventions to improve the health of the community
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention programs  e.g. COPE Coalition
  • Parenting classes and support programs
  • Job-skills Training Program
  • Financial and Mental Health Counseling
  • Breaking Free from Addictions  e.g. Stop Smoking classes
  • Healthy Food Options including Gardening and Farmers Markets
  • Other Health and Fitness programs e.g.  GRACE 5K


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