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health HLC’s main outreach program is comprised of monthly Health Expos and follow-up health classes. Our Health Expos are conducted at large venues throughout metro-Atlanta such as Malls and Fairgrounds where we provide not just blood pressure screenings but also free diabetes and cholesterol screenings.

We also provide healthy food samples as well. Our largest Expo to date took place at the Georgia World Congress Center, where we serviced hundreds of individuals. health

We are known for our Health Age Appraisal which is a computerized program that we use to print out an individual’s health age versus their chronological age based on BMI (body mass index), percent body fat and 7 health habits shown to predict longevity. Health Age Appraisals often give people the wake-up call they need: no one wants to be guilty of accelerating the aging process.

health At our larger Health Expos we provide a detailed health and fitness assessment including strength, endurance and flexibility tests and provide a personalized printout of the results of your HEALTH STATUS. Participants are encouraged to take this report back to their primary care physicians.

Attend our next Health Expo or complete the Contact form on the right to schedule an Expo for your organization. You may also schedule a 1-on-1 Health and Fitness Assessment at the Health Institute.


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