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Greatest Race for All people for Children Everywhere

GRACE is a motivational fitness program designed to keep you healthy with professional assistance provided by Doctors who designed this proven research-based program.

What is included in the GRACE program?

All participants enrolled will receive a pedometer, a BPS-free Water-bottle, a T-shirt and entry into the 5K/10K race on April 28, 2013. In addition, we will give you the research-proven Designer Lifestyle program Free. This includes nutrition, cooking and fitness information to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It has also been shown to prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease. Value over $149 for only $29! Register online today (form on the left).

The 2nd Annual GRACE 5K/10K event will take place on Sunday, MAY 5, 2013, 2pm-5pm. Register now by completing the form at the right or email Grace4health@hipcare.org

For more information visit the GRACE website at www.Grace4health.org

Be a Winner: Win Monthly Prizes like I-PADs, I-pods, laptops, gift certificates and other great prizes just for logging in and telling us your progress. Record your steps and your time and we will tell you how your HEALTH STATUS (based on standardized measures of people your age and gender) has improved.

GRACE program is in support of Preventing Childhood Obesity. A Healthy Fundraiser for your school, church or other groups: Contact 404-644-7690

Note: We do not want you to report your weight. We only ask whether you have completed the steps we decide together to take. Why? Research has shown that people who are obsessed with weight are less successful. If you do the right thing, make the right choices on a personalized program that was designed with your own likes and dislikes, and have adequate exercise and rest, the right weight (fat) will come off. Too many people lose the wrong weight (muscle mass) on diets that they don't even enjoy. Once they stop the diet they regain more weight than they lost because they lost muscle rather than fat, which means their body is less healthy than before they started!
*Live Counselors available to Full Program participants only (see enrollment form on Right), unless we secure other grant funds to make it available to other participants in the future.

For more info visit the G.R.A.C.E. website.

Call us at 404-644-7690 to get your school involved in this healthy fundraiser!


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