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A Certified Lifestyle Coach can help you achieve your health goals as they help to keep you motivated and accountable!

Our Certified Lifestyle Coaches can help you to:

  • Reverse Diabetes, not just get better control, reverse it!
  • Reduce blood pressure, and your Physician will take you off pressure meds because low blood pressure is also not good.
  • Break free from Addictions with proven techniques.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight long-term.  Call us today to sign up with one of our Certified Lifestyle Coaches.  You deserve it!
Want to Become a Certified Lifestyle Coach yourself? The Health Institute for Preventive CARE specializes in teaching you proven counseling techniques as well as provide you with a solid background  in health with our instructors having Doctoral degrees in Medicine, Psychology and Public Health. We are not like those who are just fitness instructors.  We understand and teach the true science of disease management that is anchored on Christian Principles.  We understand that God is the Creator of our bodies so He knows best how we should care for it, just like a car manufacturer knows how to care for a car.  However, knowledge alone is not enough.  We teach you how to motivate people to attain their health goals!

For half the cost others charge become a Certified Lifestyle Coach with ongoing support from the Health Institute for Preventive CARE.  This is not just business to us, we are excited about Preventing and Reversing Obesity and Other-lifestyle diseases Forever! (PROOF!)  Don't you want to help people be a living PROOF?!

Call 404-644-7690 to sign-up for our Next Classes Starting August, 2013.  Best of all, classes are taught on the weekends via Live Webinars so you never have to leave the comfort of your home!


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